Matriarch Coffee was established in 2020 with the main goal to become the go-to brand for ethical and equitable coffee that inspires the loyalty of customers and growers alike. We recognize that investing in the health and wellbeing of farming communities particularly women and children, adds not only to their quality of life but allows farmers to prosper while allowing them to implement innovative best practices that yield sustainable production of high-quality beans. Matriarch Coffee’s strategy to make social impact is shaped around supporting three key initiatives namely Matriarch Scholarship Fund, Tunga Livestock Program and Community Welfare.

Matriarch Scholarship Fund

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Tunga Livestock Program

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Community Welfare

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Gasharu Washed
Gasharu Washed

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Location: Macuba Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province
Manager: Ms. Marie Mukamurenzi
Number of Farmers in The Community: 1650
Altitude of The Farms: 1700 - 2100 MASL(Meters Above Sea Level)
Average Yearly Rainfall: 1300-1400 mm
Soil: Acidic Soil
Key flavor notes: Green apple, Plum, Black tea, Herbal, Greenish
Quality comment: Complex, with bright citric acidity and smooth body.

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