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Ms. Marie Mukamurenzi, Chris's mum, was raised in a family of coffee farmers in the heart of the high hills of South-West of Rwanda. After finishing her secondary school education, she became a teacher at a primary school. At the age of 22, she got married to Celestin who was a coffee farmer and trader. Five years into the marriage, she had her third child and had to give up on her teaching career to raise her children. As an alternative source of income, she embarked on coffee which also afforded her more time with the kids at the farm.

For over thirty years now, Marie and her husband Mr. Celestin Rumenerangabo have used Gasharu Farms to positively affect both their family and their community. Building on her experience in education, Marie has been the key for the education of her 9 children in addition to supporting education of hundreds of children from her community. One of her children Valentin specializes in coffee and ensures Matriarch Coffee roasts the world class quality coffee.


Ernest - Chief Roaster

Maame Tebuyaa, my grandmother, exemplified matriarchy in the rural village of Apedwa, Ghana. She looked after and led a family of over 20 people under one compound. She earned the family leadership from her male siblings who traditionally would assume that role. She oversaw every element of the family’s success, wellbeing, and showed strength during times of tragedy. She was a nurturer to Ernest as one of her many grandchildren and a fighter when land disputes were presented. She did not back down to her male peers/farmers and helped 3 of her children including Ernest’ mother travel abroad; an almost impossible feat at that time. She was truly a Matriarch.

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Dulani - eCommerce

Raised by a phenomenal mother, Ms. Christian is the oldest in the house of four girls. Being the eldest carried certain responsibilities and at the age of sixteen while a junior in high school, Ms. Christian enrolled in Upward Bound; a program geared towards getting a college degree through involvement in religious, civic, and recreational activities. Ms. Christian became a working mother while single-handedly raising four children. She attended to their material, mental, social, spiritual needs, also while attending to the health challenges of one child. Topmost in her priorities was raising conscious, independent, and caring children not only in her household, but extending to all of the children she was blessed to teach and mentor as an educator. She took great pride in being able to instill generations of children with the values of education, hard work, determination, and perseverance. This and all else is by the grace and love of God, the traditions of the ancestors and being raised by the village.

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Michael - B2B Sales

Betty Mae Harper, a divorced mother of twelve, moved from Disputanta, VA to Baltimore, MD with her three sisters. She taught her children to be God-fearing, independent, stressed the value of education, and made sure that they understood that the family unit was not everything but the only thing. Genevieve was the fifth of the nine girls in the bunch and before remarrying, she raised her children including Michael as a single mother as well. Instilling in them all that her mother taught her and more to ensure that her three daughters and two sons could successfully navigate the streets of Baltimore. Her power is the backbone of Michaels' family. Michael holds deep respect and admiration for her matriarchal leadership. Her teachings has sustained him a lifetime and for that Michael is forever grateful.

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