Our Harboplace Café is now open. We are located at 201 E Pratt St, Floor 1, Baltimore, MD 21202. Check out our open hours on google and Yelp.

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Matriarch Coffee's First Coffee House in Baltimore

Matriarch Coffee's First Coffee House in Baltimore

We are elated to bring you an exclusive update on the much-anticipated unveiling of Matriarch Coffee's inaugural coffee shop in the heart of Baltimore. Our journey, woven with a passion for crafting exceptional coffee, celebrating the women shaping the coffee industry, and fostering a sense of community, is reaching new heights with the imminent opening of our dedicated space. Our dedicated team has poured their heart and soul into bringing this dream to fruition, and we're on the verge of welcoming you to an experience that goes beyond a simple cup of coffee.

A Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

Picture a space where warmth and welcome converge—a haven for relaxation, connection, and the celebration of the shared joy of exceptional coffee. Our coffee shop is carefully designed to be a respite from the everyday hustle, where you can unwind, bask in the camaraderie of friends, and immerse yourself in the world of Matriarch Coffee.

Exploring the Heart of Matriarch

At the core of our new Coffee House beats the heart of Matriarch Coffee—our exceptional blends. Here, you'll have the privilege of indulging in the full spectrum of our offerings, from the time-honored classics to our distinctive and seasonal specialties. It's an invitation to explore and savor, a journey through the diverse flavors that define Matriarch.

Grand Opening Countdown

The excitement is palpable, and we are thrilled to share that the grand opening date is just around the corner. The anticipation builds as we count down the days until we can swing open our doors and welcome you into the Matriarch Coffee experience. Stay tuned for the official date, and be part of the celebration that marks a significant chapter in our coffee journey.

Join Us in the Celebration

We invite you to be an integral part of our opening celebration by staying connected. Follow us for regular updates, exclusive sneak peeks into the behind-the-scenes magic, and a chance to be among the first to step into our new haven. Your enthusiasm fuels our excitement, and we can't wait to share this momentous occasion with you.

This  is more than an opening; it's a testament to our commitment to brewing not just exceptional coffee but also a sense of community and connection. As the grand day approaches, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your support and invite you to join us in the celebration that marks the beginning of a new era for Matriarch Coffee in Baltimore. Stay tuned, sip on the anticipation, and get ready to be part of something truly extraordinary.

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