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Battle of the Beans: Gasharu Washed vs. Gasharu Natural - A Matriarch Coffee Showdown

Battle of the Beans: Gasharu Washed vs. Gasharu Natural - A Matriarch Coffee Showdown

Step into the ring of flavor as Matriarch Coffee's Gasharu Washed and Gasharu Natural go head-to-head in an epic battle for coffee supremacy.

The Contenders: Gasharu Washed - Medium Roast

Gasharu Washed, a refined contender with a clean and crisp character. Explore the intricate notes that emerge from the washed process, preserving the distinct flavors of the beans. A medium roast that promises a symphony of balanced acidity and nuanced sweetness.

Bright citrus undertones

Floral hints that dance on the palate

A well-rounded cup with a silky finish

The Challenger: Gasharu Natural - Medium Roast

Gasharu Natural enters the ring with an untamed spirit, embracing the natural process that infuses its beans with bold and unapologetic flavors. A medium roast that captures the essence of the sun-dried method, resulting in a rich and vibrant profile.

Intense berry and fruit-forward notes

Velvety body with a lingering sweetness

A wild and robust cup that tells a story of its origin

The Showdown: Flavorful Rounds

Round 1: Aromatics

Experience the enticing aromas that waft from the cups. Gasharu Washed with its delicate floral notes vs. Gasharu Natural with its bold berry bouquet.

Round 2: Complexity

Delve into the layers of complexity as the flavors unfold. Gasharu Washed, the poised dancer, showcases its refined intricacies, while Gasharu Natural, the bold adventurer, takes you on a wild ride through its robust flavor spectrum.

Round 3: Aftertaste

Savor the lingering aftertaste that each contender leaves behind. Gasharu Washed, a graceful exit with a silky finish, vs. Gasharu Natural, an intense finale that resonates long after the last sip.

In this coffee face-off, there's no clear winner; it's all about personal preference. Whichever side you choose, you're guaranteed a cup of Matriarch Coffee that embodies the essence of empowerment and craftsmanship.

Join the conversation and let us know which contender wins your heart. Whether you lean towards the refined grace of Gasharu Washed or the bold spirit of Gasharu Natural, every cup is a celebration of the rich tapestry of flavors crafted by Matriarch Coffee.

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