Washed 1 lb - Carton of 12 bags of 1 lb

Washed 1 lb - Carton of 12 bags of 1 lb

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Washed, 1 lb bags,
Carton of 12 bags.
Cupping note:
Grapefruit, Dark
chocolate, Red ripe fruit,
Floral, Mango, Cocoa"

How was this coffee processed?

Once fresh red cherries are picked, they are received at the Gasharu station where they are sorted and floated to ensure consistent and good density beans are separated from the others. These beans undergo intense sorting at the pre-drying tables after floating and are later sun-dried on the raised wooden beds for four to six weeks. Differently from the washed process, with natural processing, coffee beans are dried without removing the pulp or outer skin. This process require four to six weeks of hard work, care and attention. It is the critical moment for the beans to absorb all the natural sweetness in the coffee cherry as they undergo an organic fermentation. Once dried, the coffee is well kept and stored in good conditions before being hulled and sorted by well-trained staff at Gasharu coffee mostly women. The coffee beans are then packed in GrainPro and Jute bags for export. These bags ensure optimal quality despite the long journey from Rwanda to Baltimore that takes over 2 months on the tracks and international waters. Once received here, the coffee beans are roasted and profiled before packaging to them make them ready for coffee lovers.

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