Matriarch Coffee was inspired by a shared story of four women of African descent – Marie Mukamurenzi (Rwanda), Maame Tebuyaa (Ghana), Betty Mae Harper (USA), and Denise J. Christian (St. Thomas, USVI). The four women were at the center of the economic, moral, spiritual and educational lives of the founders of Matriarch Coffee. As the founders discussed their vision in the coffee industry, they all realized that the root of their vision were the women who despite unfavorable circumstances and societal structures, had provided the leadership that allowed for their families’ resilience, and positively affected the welfare of their communities.

Matriarch Coffee was created to honor strong women of equal caliber. Our first coffee offering is brought to you by Ms. Marie Mukamurenzi of Gasharu Farms in Rwanda. Our future offerings will likewise originate from Matriarchs across the coffee belt.


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Gasharu Washed
Gasharu Washed

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Location: Macuba Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province
Manager: Ms. Marie Mukamurenzi
Number of Farmers in The Community: 1650
Altitude of The Farms: 1700 - 2100 MASL(Meters Above Sea Level)
Average Yearly Rainfall: 1300-1400 mm
Soil: Acidic Soil
Key flavor notes: Green apple, Plum, Black tea, Herbal, Greenish
Quality comment: Complex, with bright citric acidity and smooth body.

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